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Justice Contorted

Cowboys and strippers: I was heartbroken by the story of Jade-Blue Eclipse [“A Twisted Tale,” Jan. 24] and her need to fly away from the repressive thugs running America these days. Besides being a very talented artist who has worked hard at her craft, Ms. Blue comes across as a nice person walking lightly on the earth and practicing kindness. America needs more kind people and fewer gleeful brownshirts like Dubsick. At the end of the article, you can feel him rubbing his hands together and cackling. Feds like him don't even believe their own lie that they are doing all this for our good. They like playing cowboy.

Can we give this country back to the Native Americans and let the rest of us, including Special Agent Dubsick, apply for passports? It seems like the only chance this poor society has left.

John LeFan

[Location withheld]

Jade touched me: Years ago I saw her strip, when she was just called Blue. I thought she was amazing. A few months later, I saw her at the Macworld Expo at Moscone Center and greeted her by name. She gave me a big hug, even though we hadn't touched or spoken before.

More than a year later, I finally had a lap dance from her. It was disconcerting because her butt had absolutely no fat on it, and I couldn't fully adjust to a new way of enjoying the contact in the time we had. No matter, she was spectacular, both a work of art and its artist.

[Name withheld]

San Francisco

Jade touched me, too, but not like that: Jade-Blue Eclipse is one of the most fascinating people to appear in your newspaper in years.

Although her story represents a lot of what's wrong with current immigration laws, I don't consider it a tragedy. She seems intelligent and resourceful enough to do well wherever she ends up. She is one of those rare individuals who can easily adapt to changes in her environment and overcome — even thrive in — adverse situations. I don't expect to see that follow-up story anytime soon.

Mike Priester

San Francisco

Everything Is Illuminated

Fun with effigies: This article [“Burnt Man,” Jan. 24] strikes me as a hit piece, pure and simple. If you look at the quotes that were used, and how they were taken out of context, it's pretty obvious that Matt Smith is doing it intentionally. I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Smith wrote the article first, then went back and found single sentences from the Burning Man Web site that he could strip out and make it sound like it supported what he had written, even though in context they wouldn't.

The author refers to Hitler's Nuremberg designer as though Larry Harvey went to Pottery Barn and picked up a copy of “City Design Made Simple by Hitler.” In the same sentence the author makes a complete factual error, saying that the city converges “on a Mayanlike pyramid”; while that was the case in 2003, it has not been the case before or since. In addition, I have never once heard any “Burner” refer to Larry as their “chief.” Another sentence refers to Harvey's “speeches.” I have never actually heard Larry give a speech. Last I checked, Larry sounds like a complete bumbling idiot when he speaks. I can't imagine why anybody would want him to give a speech, much less stick around to hear it. He does give interviews, though, and that's not the same thing as giving a speech.

I don't like Larry. I don't like the BRC LLC. But I don't have to like them because Burning Man isn't about them, it's about the participants. Fuck this hit piece of an article, fuck the Burning Man organization, fuck the lawsuits, fuck tickets. We would show up even without their permission to do so, because it's not their permission to give.


San Francisco

Where there is smoke: I've worked on Burning Man events for years as a volunteer and have known all three former partners (why did you only mention two?) as personal friends for a long time. There is far more to this lawsuit than your article illuminates, and I suggest that readers hold their paranoia at bay until it's resolved. Larry Harvey, though highly intelligent, is no wannabe messiah and does have a great sense of humor both about himself and the event. I think it would be a terrible thing to commercially exploit Burning Man by releasing control over the name.

[Name withheld]

San Francisco

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