List of Congressional Reps Insisting on 'Robust Public Option' for Health Care Leaked; Some Bay Area Names Absent

A list of more than 50 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus was leaked to a Daily Kos contributing editor yesterday. It contained the “Whip List” of representatives who had succinctly offered their promise to only vote for a health care proposal that contains “a robust public option.

Glancing up and down the list of names, most of the Bay Area's members of the Progressive Caucus were accounted for — but not all of them. Starkly absent were Pete Stark (D-Fremont) and George Miller (D-Concord).

Was this an oversight? Or are the Congressmen simply playing this one close to the vest? Do they even wear vests? We called their Washington, D.C. offices to find out.

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