Lorenzo Jimenez: Man Recalls Brother's Murder Outside Mission Bar

Lorenzo Jimenez

Last Friday, 29-year-old Jaime Jimenez had dropped his little brother, Lorenzo, off at the train station in Sacramento so he could make it to San Francisco, where he worked as a bouncer for the Roaring 20's strip club in North Beach.

It was the last time Jaime would see him.

“I told him I loved him and said, 'Whatever you do, be careful out there,'” Jaime recalled. “He promised me he would, so I felt good about letting him go.”

That night, Lorenzo Jimenez, 24, was viciously beaten and shot to death outside a popular Mission District bar where he had been drinking with an old buddy who was in town. Police say they have no suspects, but have confirmed that the Sacramento man was jumped by a group of five to 10 men before he was shot in the chest.

“It lasted 30 to 45 seconds,” Jaime Jimenez told SF Weekly. “His friend was with him and from what the cops say, he tried

giving my brother CPR, but the severity of the gunshot wound … there was nothing he could have done. He stayed with my brother the whole night.”

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