Luke O'Brien: Term Lapses for Commissioner Tied to 125 Crown Terrace Home Collapse

Luke O'Brien

When developer Mel Murphy's home collapsed in the midst of a “remodeling” job expanding it to six times its original size, it showered large hunks of detritus upon the Twin Peaks neighborhood below. 

It remains to be seen whether the tumbling remnants of 125 Crown Terrace also menace Luke O'Brien's political career. O'Brien is Murphy's business partner, and the man who signed off on documentation pegging the price of the “remodel” at an outrageously low value perhaps less than one-tenth what it'll eventually cost. 
O'Brien is also a member of the city's Small Business Commission. Considering city revenue is generated based on a percentage of cost estimates of pending construction, and that O'Brien pegged the costs of this job at comically low levels, the city commissioner finds himself in an interesting position. 
But that may change. O'Brien's term on the Small Business Commission lapsed on Jan. 6. A city clerk confirmed that she has not yet received a letter re-appointing him — or appointing someone else. 

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