Man Accused of Brutally Kicking Homeless Man May Have Killed Another

The famous "well-dressed" man caught on video attacking a homeless man in May is now being charged with murder in a second, unrelated incident.

The Chinatown alley where Quang Truong’s body was found in April (left), and Samuel Youmtoub, accused of his murder (right).

Samuel Youmtoub, the “well-dressed” man who was arrested after a viral video made the rounds showed him brutally kicking a homeless man on May 24, is now being charged in the death of 49-year-old Quang Truong, another homeless man whose body was discovered in a Chinatown alley on April 15 of this year. According to police, Truong sustained a serious head wound. His body was discovered by an employee of the Chinese Historical Society when she parked her car nearby.

Youmtoub was arrested in June and charged with two assaults: the first, aforementioned kicking of the homeless man, and a second assault that took place on May 29 on Muni. According to police, Youmtoub attacked a 28-year-old man riding the bus on Eighth Street in SoMa. Video surveillance collected from Muni showed the suspect approaching the victim, yelling at him, and then grabbing his hair and smashing his face into a bus rail, breaking his nose. 

Tenderloin police apprehended Youmtoub on Market Street in June after recognizing him walking down the street. 

“Both incidents appear to be unprovoked attacks and there is no indication the suspect knew either victim or had any prior interaction them,” Sgt. Michael Andraychak, an SFPD spokesperson, said at the time. “San Francisco Police investigators working these two cases determined the suspect in both of these attacks was the same person.”  

But the connection between Youmtoub and Truong’s death is new. The San Francisco Police Department reports that homicide investigators chasing the case connected Youmtoub to the incident, but have yet to release any more information. 

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