Man Kills Himself at Mission Dolores This Morning

Jose Manuel Puc-Muy was killed in San Francisco

An unidentified man reportedly shot himself outside a local church this morning in a quiet part of the city's Mission District.

We contacted police to confirm that the shooting, which occurred outside Mission Dolores, was indeed a suicide, but we have not heard back yet. However, an eyewitness talked to Mission Local, detailing the tragic shooting:

At around 7 a.m. the custodian for the chapel, Raju Kumar, noticed a man who appeared to be around 80 years old, sleeping on top of the steps in front of the gift shop at Mission Dolores. “Get up, it's about time,” he recalls telling the man. Kumar added that it is not unusual to see people passed out in front of the church early in the morning. As the man got up, Kumar noticed the man's bloody wrist and asked him if he was OK. After Kumar saw that there was a gun inside the man's open umbrella, he stepped back and asked a passerby to call the police. At that moment the man picked up the gun and pointed it at his head. “Don't do that! don't do that!,” Kumar recalls telling the man before he shot himself in the head. Police and other first responders arrived about ten minutes later and took the body, Kumar said.

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