Marijuana Legalization In Uruguay Is Limited

Off to play the slots!

There are many reasons to visit Uruguay — the food and wine are excellent, the people are friendly and prosperous, and enjoy ample jobs and a low rate of poverty along with free health care.

But marijuana is not yet one of them. Uruguayan adults will have the right to buy marijuana in stores in President Jose Mujica's country in April, three months after Colorado begins the experiment with ending cannabis prohibition — provided that they register their names and addresses, buy no more than a big joint's worth per day (with enough for two on the weekend) and grow no more than six plants. And forget the notion of a South American Amsterdam: no foreigners allowed.

Legalization in Uruguay, signed into law by Mujica on Tuesday despite two-thirds opposition from his own people, makes legal cannabis a reality for 8.6 million people worldwide. In other words, it's not huge — and indeed, the limits would be staunchly opposed by many pro-legalization activists in California — but it's the biggest progress on drug reform that's happened all year.

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