Marijuana Protesters Making Narcotic Cops, Anti-Drug Warriors Paranoid

Fire hazard

On Monday, narcotics officers and anti-drug crusaders are scheduled to gather in the Inland Empire for the first-ever “Marijuana Policy Conference,” a powwow aimed at weakening the devil weed's grip on our society.

But 72 hours before the convocation, exactly where they plan to gather is unclear.

A group of unwelcome guests — pro-cannabis activists — have pledged to protest the proceedings, which are supposed to be at a city-owned convention center in Rancho Cucamonga.

Or are they? On Friday, an e-mail blast purportedly from conference organizers says that the convention has been moved at the last second because of “hostile” and “dangerous” “radical drug legalization groups.”

A new location is in the works and will be announced late Sunday. Or will it? Marijuana activists say this last-minute venue change is a trick aimed at putting them off the scent.

Pot is certainly making someone paranoid.

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