Mark Leno Says Lobbyist Intentionally Snubbed Him When Circulating Letter Regarding Hunters Point Pollution — And Boy Is He Angry

State Senator Mark Leno is not amused

Mark Leno's signature was conspicuously absent from a letter signed by the rest of San Francisco's Sacramento contingent regarding pollution from Lennar's cleanup of Hunter's Point Shipyard — and the State Senator says that's no accident.

Leno angrily accused the lobbyist who drafted the letter, Bob Giroux of Lang, Hanson, O'Malley and Miller, of intentionally and maliciously snubbing him — and, like the situation at Hunter's Point, leaving him with a mess to clean up.

“I saw Bob in the hall and he said he was talking to Fiona [Ma] about the issue at Hunter's Point. And I said 'It's not in Fiona's district, it's in mine. Why are you talking to her?' And he also talked to Tom Ammiano. Next thing I know there's this letter with three of the four members of the Bay Area delgation's signatures on it. Why he excluded me, I don't know. But I will give him a piece of my mind,” says a peeved Leno.

The State Senator, who said he would “unequivocally” have signed the letter, said he “considers this an aggressive act” by Lang, Hanson, O'Malley and Miller. SF Weekly's call to Giroux has not yet been returned. Leno says Giroux told him that he was unable to get a hold of the State Senator — “but that's baloney. He has my inner-office phone — which he once called me on twice in one day — my e-mail, my cell, and my door to knock on.”

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