Mexican Consulate's Campaign Against Trafficking Nets Two Cases

The campaign is bringing in the calls

The Mexican Consulate has fielded hundreds of calls in the first two months of its campaign against human trafficking, but only two have yielded actual allegations of sex and labor trafficking.

One was of a minor who had been allegedly trafficked to San Francisco from Mexico, says consulate spokeswoman Gabriela Mardero Jimenez. Another was of a person working in oppressive conditions who was threatened if he or she went to the authorities.

Since the “One Call Could Save Your Life” campaign launched on March 28, the consulate's hotline — 415-354-4555 — gets about 10 calls a day. “There's tons,” Jimenez says. But the vast majority of callers confuse human trafficking with labor violations. The consulate refers immigrants with such complaints to a law firm of labor attorneys. 

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