Moderates Are Winners, Progressives Are Losers in Fight to Rule San Francisco

as the paper held off on calling the Senate race for Barbara Boxer.

The last two weeks at City Hall have been much like a low-budget mini-series, as the city watched progressives and moderates hit all-time lows in order to wrestle power away from one another. But now that the political waters have calmed, it's time to look at who emerged on top:


Rose Pak:  As Chinatown's most influential leader, Pak scored many, many points for moderates this last week with her political brokering and machinations that  — at the 11th hour — elevated the first Chinese-American, Ed Lee, into the position as San Francisco's chief executive.

Supervisor David Chiu:

The mild-mannered Chiu has a much bigger bite than bark. While you will

only hear canned statements and diplomatic words come out of Chiu, he

clearly has a temperamental streak.  As progressives learned this week, they might have overestimated Chiu in believing he was a straight-up progressive.

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