Motorcycles, Trucks, and Garbage Cans, Oh My! San Francisco Suffers Spate of Park District Arsons

San Francisco's outhouse arsonist — a person or persons who noxiously immolated more than two dozen local porta-johns — managed to garner international attention to our city, as well as corporate-sponsored fecal humor/crime patrols.

Yet the city could well have a less cuddly arsonist on its hands after Sunday and Monday witnessed four blazes within a urinal cake's toss of one another. The quarry this time: Trash cans, motorbikes, and a truck.

A trio of arsons were reported within a 15-minute span early Sunday morning: at 3:15 a.m. a garbage can went up in the 1000 block of Clayton Street. Moments later, a parked motorcycle was torched a few steps away at the 500 block of Belvedere. And, at 3:30, another trashcan burst into flames at the 800 block of Ashbury.

This morning at 12:40 a.m., a recycling bin, garbage can, and motorcycle were ignited on the 100 block of Downey, with the fire spreading to a nearby truck. All four of these Park District sites are within stumbling distance of one-another. Does San Francisco have another firebug on its hands?

Word from the San Francisco Police Department's arson department is pending.

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