Muggings and Beatings on the Bus, Oh My! Bevan Dufty Plays Wizard of Muni

End of the line for the progressive Muni charter amendment

The winners of the Top-3 Most Dangerous Muni Routes are: the 14-Mission, the 9X-San Bruno Express, and the 38-Geary. In that order.

But be not afraid: Supervisor Bevan Dufty is on it (or so he'd like you to think). The supervisor from the Castro continued to hone what is shaping up to be his clean-up-Muni mayoral campaign platform by listening to riders' horror stories and police promises of reform at a City Hall hearing Monday morning.
In case you missed the recent violent incidents in the news, there have been been plenty: A grade school student was stabbed on his way home from school while riding the bus; an actor was beaten blue, his puffy face published in the Chron. Two ladies screamed at each other and were later broadcast on YouTube, exchanging body blows for the world to see. But that's hardly the extent of it. Riders showed up at the City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee this morning to detail just how uncivil things have gotten on Muni, and just how horribly a 2001 agreement between the police and Muni to keep the peace has failed.

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