Muni Union's Spurning of Concessions Another Disappointment for Aaron Peskin

Aaron Peskin

Back in 2007, then Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin won a hard-fought victory for Proposition A, which he hoped would make Muni a stronger, more independent, better-funded system.

That the episode recently served as one of most pertinent examples of well-meaning government gone awry in our recent cover story “The Worst-Run Big City in the U.S.” indicates that Peskin's wishes have not been granted. Following Monday's vote by the Muni drivers' union spurning $15 million in concessions and refusing to do away with wildly generous overtime provisions, Peskin was left, once again, shaking his head. Peskin's measure gave Muni drivers a higher base salary in return for ostensible concessions of bizarre union perks old enough that Mayor Frank Jordan railed against them. After Monday's vote, those perks are still enshrined — and Muni drivers will still earn a city charter-mandated $8 million in raises.

“It has been a disappointment,” Peskin says of Prop. A. “It has been disappointing all the way around.”

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