Nancy Pelosi Turns SOTU Clap into ‘Patron Saint of Shade’ Campaign Merch

"The Meme Queen is at it again and making it herstory!"

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Courtesy photo)

Rep. Nancy Pelosi is clearly enjoying her moment as a #Resistance icon that flummoxes President Donald Trump and occasionally takes over the internet — enough to make some money off it.

The latest Pelosi meme inspiration came from last month’s State of the Union, when she clapped at Trump that went viral. In no ordinary clap, her arms were extended and a faint smirk could be detected as she pursed her lips and had laser-focused eyes on Trump.

At the time, she said it wasn’t sarcastic, but it was already deemed a “literal clap back” and tickled the internet’s fancy. Now, her campaign website is selling the moment in the form of a $25 tote bag and $22 shirt dubbed the “Patron Saint of Shade.”

“The Meme Queen is at it again and making it herstory!” one product description reads. The other: “You’re doing great, sweetie! Wear this as an ode to everyone’s favorite shade-thrower.”

Profits go to Pelosi campaign fund and her fans will be pleased to know that the items are not sold out but on pre-order. It’s not out of the ordinary for political campaigns to sell merchandise — Sen. Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign sells basic totes, shirts, and stickers with her “For the People” slogan. 

But Pelosi’s campaign takes it up a notch.  Her store also sells shirts and mugs saying “Down with NDP,” referring to her initials, and a throw pillow dubbed “Nancy Pillowsi.”

Her campaign may be leaning into the anti-Trump sentiment but it doesn’t quite jibe with her rhetoric, especially by playing down talk of impeachment as of late. Nonetheless, the internet will find another time to hail the “Meme Queen.”

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