New York Times Profiles Dogpatch, Neglects to Mention Hard Knox Cafe

Here in San Francisco, we all know and love the Dogpatch for its food, its Victorians, and, of course, its ability to provide a headquarters for the Hell's Angels. So it was delightful to see it get some national recognition in the travel section of Monday's New York Times

There was just one enormous problem. The story mentioned every restaurant in the neighborhood except Hard Knox Cafe, a Southern soul food establishment with killer fried chicken that's impossible to miss. It's ensconsed on the same visible corner (Third St. and 22nd St) as Serpentine, Yield Wine Bar, and the Dogpatch Saloon, which all scored a mention.

We understand that not every restaurant can be mentioned in every travel article and all. But the Times even went so far as to leave Hard Knox Cafe off the map! We've though this over and the only plausible explanation for such an egregious omission is the following: The New York Times hates delicious soul food.  

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