News of the Hour — The Lethal Injection Cocktail, Mike Webb Found Dead, Ted Nugent Found Irritating

Report: Harassment Of Bay Area Muslims On The Rise (AP)

“The Council on American-Islamic Relations documented 246 incidents in the Bay Area in 2006, up from 113 in 2005 — a rising trend that beats the 25 percent increase in similar incidents registered nationally during the same period.”

Man pleads insanity in Wiesel attack(AP)

“Wiesel, 78, who chronicled his experiences as a Jewish teenager at two Nazi death camps in the book 'Night,' told police he was accosted by a young man who asked him for an interview, then dragged him off an elevator. He has said that he hadn't been so afraid for his life since his days at Auschwitz and Buchenwald. He was slated to testify at Hunt's preliminary hearing in August.”

Ted Nugent Not A Fan Of Jann Wenner's Pro-1967 Propaganda Campaign (Idolator)

“Shopping carts to the homeless?! How else did Ted expect them to take part in the new, exciting consumer frontier that awaited all boomers? At least they weren't offering homes to those sacks.”

Comcast completes $570M deal for stake in FSN Bay Area (SF Business Times)

“Comcast bought out Cablevision Systems Corp.'s stake in FSN Bay Area, the cable broadcaster that airs the San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks, Golden State Warriors and other local teams. Forty percent of the channel is still owned by a unit of News Corp. In a companion deal, Comcast bought out Cablevision's (NYSE: CVC) stake in FSN New England.”

Talk host/activist Mike Webb found dead (The Advocate)

“The controversial host, who came to prominence covering the riots in San Francisco following Harvey Milk's assassination in 1978, had been missing since April 13.”

Condemned killer says new lethal injection method still illegal (AP)

In response, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger submitted a revised plan on May 15 that promised to train a 'lethal injection team' and build a new, well-lit death chamber at San Quentin State Prison. The new method would also change the dosage of the three-drug lethal injection cocktail to ensure prisoners remained unconscious and didn't experience pain during the execution.”

Court upholds prison sentence for unruly airplane passenger (AP)

“Gonzalez became agitated on the flight and caused chaos in the cabin when he threatened to 'take the aircraft down' and said, 'Do I have to say there's a bomb to get you to land?' He fought with passengers and crew members who feared he would try to open an emergency exit.”

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