Next Week Will Be Cold(er) But We’re All Going to Be OK

Low temps, gusty winds, patchy frost?! Layer up San Franciscans, our weirdly warm winter is coming to an end.

Brrrrr. (Photo: Flickr)

The National Weather Service’s Bay Area chapter sent out two messages to members of the media this week, warning reporters that starting Sunday, San Francisco will potentially see the “coldest weather of the year.” This sounds intimidating, but remember we’re only halfway through February and it’s pretty much T-shirt weather outside today, so the fact that it’s dropping to 53 degrees on Monday shouldn’t send everyone rushing to the grocery store to stock up on canned food.

That said, the nights will be particularly chilly, with temps dropping to the high 30s on Monday and Tuesday. And along with the blooming plum blossoms and magnolia trees, it appears the spring breeze is hitting early, with “strong and gusty winds” expected near the coastline Saturday night through Sunday. Watch out for falling trees and perhaps cancel any Dolores Park revelries that day that don’t involve flying a kite.

In an Instagram-worthy twist, “patchy frost” is also said to be “possible” near the coast.

One thing that will be missing: rain.  That’s right, last year’s catastrophic downpours that broke our dams and overflowed our reservoirs are no longer — and already we’re heading back toward a drought. So while we recommend layers next week, feel free to leave that umbrella at home.

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