Obama to Give Oakland Some Lovin'


Oakland has long been considered San Francisco's dumpy stepsister. No, the city doesn't have a kick-ass ballpark on the waterfront, but Oakland does have the East Bay Rats fight night, an evening filled with blood, babes, and booze.

President Barack Obama's recent trips to San Francisco are yet one more example of how the City by the Bay is the preferred destination. But just like Oakland finally got its own Ike's sandwich shop, we're also getting our own face time with the president — and, no, it's not a pity stop on his way to S.F.

As the Chron notes this afternoon, the president is planning a trip to the Fox Theater in downtown Oakland on July 23 — just a few blocks from the site of all the Occupy Oakland drama and Oaksterdam, which was raided by the feds.

So why would Obama choose Oakland over S.F. this time?

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