Oxford Updates Online Dictionary With Words That Would Make Jonathan Swift Cringe

Photobomb circa 2011

The Oxford English Dictionary rarely makes news, but it's added slew of new words and phrases is just too ridic to not write about here.

As we perused the list of chosen words, we noticed that some of the additions were tech-based, while others were nothing more than slang gone way too far.

In a weird way, the words showed the two extremes of the younger English generation: there are the tech geeks, hackers, and Internet geniuses who innovate when they're not too busy doing Star Trek reenactments, and there are those who use social media to post pictures of themselves that no one wants to see.

But at the very least, adding these words to the dictionary can help us youngsters explain to our elders what we mean when we use words like “mmk,” “tweep,” “totes,” and “vajazzle.”

So here they are — the latest crop of words. How many of them make you say WTF?

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