Pakistani Bloggers Speak Out on “Emergency Rule”: BetterKnowanSFBlog – Metroblogging

Photo of Metroblogging co-founder Jason DeFillippo courtesy of Joi Ito.

By Tyler Callister

In case you haven’t heard, the Pakistani people are not exactly rockin’ in the free world right now.

As part of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s imposition of so-called “Emergency Rule,” many TV news networks have been shut down and the government has threatened to fine or imprison members of the media who criticize Musharraf.

But never fear, the mighty blogs are here!

Metroblogging (affectionately called “Metblogs”) is a network of city blogs representing 54 cities across the world, three of which are Pakistani cities — Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. Volunteer Pakistani residents write these Metblogs, providing first person coverage of and reactions to the nation’s current crisis. These blogs depict a Pakistan that’s shaken but still intact — adrenaline pumping but not in total chaos.

Zainub Razvi, a Metblogger in Karachi, Pakistan, wrote a recent blog post in which she praises…

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