‘Parking for God’ on Dolores Street Median Now Legal - April 21, 2017 - SF Weekly
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‘Parking for God’ on Dolores Street Median Now Legal

Image: SFMTA

When we first heard that the long-illegal but never-persecuted practice of Sunday parking on Dolores Street medians was being made legal, we were told the weekend median parking hours would go into effect in February or March of 2017. Sunday parkers near Mission Dolores and Dolores Park have had to wander the desert a little longer than anticipated, but can sing Hallelujah starting today as Dolores Street median parking, unofficially known as “Parking for God,” has now been blessed as legal on Friday nights, Saturday mornings, and all day until 6 p.m. on Sundays.

The new policy is technically being implemented for churchgoers, but these illegal parking spaces are now legal for worshipers and secular drivers alike. The SFMTA sayeth in their announcement that you can now park next to the median on Dolores Street during these specific hours and at these specific locations.

“The SFMTA is installing new signage and red curb paint on medians to ensure that drivers understand when and where they are permitted to park,” the SF Municipal Transportation Agency says in their announcement. “Vehicles parked between medians and at the end of medians near intersections will be ticketed and may be towed.”

This arrangement is not considered permanent, but the new legal “Parking for God” is instead is a pilot project (Pilate project?) scheduled to be reevaluated in August 2018. Though the SFMTA will now forgive the sin of median parking during church hours, the new program actually reduces the number of sanctioned median parking spots by more than half.

If you need to be given a sign from above, SFMTA insists that additional signage is being installed to explain which spaces are legal and which are not.