Pepperdine University Refuses Student's Internship With Marijuana Policy Project

Not this time

Ah, working for free. That unforgettable experience in lean times — also called an “internship” — is an entry into the white-collar world for many young go-getters in college.

So Victoria Stanzione was a bit confused when her school, Malibu's Pepperdine University, told her she couldn't work for free. Or at least she couldn't intern at the Marijuana Policy Project's Washington, D.C., offices and receive school credit, according to reports.

Stanzione, who moved to D.C. for the fall semester, was told interning with the legalization lobbying firm “did not align with the mission of the university,” reports the Huffington Post.

She's since received another internship, but the incident's been an educational experience for all involved, to say the least.

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