Peskin, Newsom's Lt. Gov Rival, Meet For Cup of Joe

Janice Hahn

Spotting Aaron Peskin at Caffe Trieste is something like seeing Norm Peterson at Cheers. He's a valued customer. But you could be forgiven for pulling a Peskin double-take today. He had an interesting caffeinated meeting this afternoon — with Janice Hahn, Gavin Newsom's opponent in the race for lieutenant governor.

The former Board of Supervisors president referred to this as a social call. “I've known her for some time, she gave me a call and said she was going to be in town. It's always good to see old friends,” he said. “I wanted to hear her spiel about why she'd be a better lieutenant governor than our mayor and I've come to no conclusions based on her response. I look forward to having the same visit with Mayor Newsom.”

Yes, Newsom and Peskin used to meet at Trieste every week for many a year. So they can start that habit up once again. It's always nice to see old friends.

Finally, for anyone wondering if Hahn was trying to engineer the local Democratic County Central Committee — which Peskin heads — not endorsing its hometown mayor … well, that's not the case. 

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