Petition Launches to Honor Ex-Twitter Contractor

The internet is calling for Mayor Ed Lee to grant the mystery person who deleted Trump's account the keys to the city.


After a Twitter contractor deleted Donald Trump’s personal account for 11 minutes on Thursday, the internet has been all aflutter with digital high-fives. 

Although their identity has not been released and they may be hit with hacking charges, the unnamed contractor has received accolades from all over the country:

Now, the internet has taken it a step beyond offers of fast food pizza and gift baskets. A Care2 petition launched Friday requests that San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee honor the now unemployed contractor by giving him the keys to the city. 

“This week, one brave Twitter contract employee finally did what we’ve all been asking for. On his or her last day of work at the San Francisco-based company, the contractor deactivated Trump’s account. For 11 solid minutes, Twitter was a better place,” Care2 petition author and San Francisco resident Rebecca Gerber writes. “This person is an American hero who deserves to be honored. That’s why we’re calling on San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to give him or her the keys to the city.”

As of 4 p.m. on Friday, 322 people had signed the petition. 

This isn’t the first Care2 petition launched about Trump and Twitter — 73,000 signatures were gathered earlier this year, asking Twitter to suspend the president from using the platform, arguing that his tweets were endangering the country. Trump, the petitioners write, violates Twitter’s terms that ban tweeting “in the targeted abuse or harassment of others.”

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