Photographers Shoot for Lick Telescope Pictures

Two local photographers have plans to start shooting pictures through the famous gigantic telescope near San Jose.

Dark Sky Photography

The gargantuan, 57-foot Lick Telescope in Santa Clara County was originally completed all the way back in 1888. But two Bay Area photographers have a scheme to add some new equipment to the giant telescope on the top of Mount Hamilton — a DSLR camera to take some sweet pictures of the cosmos.

The two Bay Area photographers are Scott Lange and Nick Foster, whose Dark Sky Photography has produced a phenomenal body of astronomy photos and nightscapes. With the help of a Kickstarter campaign launched in mid-February, the duo hopes to start shooting pictures through the massive telescope so the whole world can see heavenly bodies that are otherwise only visible by hiking up to the Lick Observatory.

“Scott and Nick will capture images through this giant telescope at least three times throughout this year, with each visit targeting different objects as the nighttime sky evolves with the seasons,” Dark Sky Photography said in a release. “They’ll be using a custom made adapter to attach their modern day Canon 6D DSLR camera to the telescope to image the deep sky objects, such as nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, and possibly some more local neighbors like the moon and planets.”

The Kickstarter campaign is trying to raise $6,500, a fairly modest sum for a crowdfunding campaign. Premiums include your choice of photo prints taken at the observatory, and Dark Sky Photography’s telescope-shot photos are pretty breathtaking.

The Lick Telescope has been responsible for the discovery of 25 comets, the fifth moon of Jupiter and countless other astronomical discoveries. With a little from this crowdfunding campaign, these discoveries could be in your picture frames or coffee table books sometime soon.

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