Plastic Bag Ban: How Much Outreach Do You Really Need?

Ross Mirkarimi's bag legislation may have just gotten the sack

Mom. Apple pie. Patriotism. No politician who doesn't wish to receive a crash course in the joys of seeking employment with the private sector will dare find him or herself on the wrong side of these notions — and the political goals they serve to cloak.

Add “outreach” to those three. It's “outreach” that's keeping San Francisco from adopting a plastic bag ban that actually does something about reducing bag consumption and helping the environment. It's “outreach” that may keep San Francisco from ever having a ban that's good for more than just grandstanding.

At Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting, Jane Kim surprised bag ban architect Ross Mirkarimi by requesting months more time to conduct the aforementioned “outreach.” What's more, this was outreach to “small businesspeople of color.” In other words, in order to move along this legislation, a supervisor would have to open himself to charges he doesn't give a damn about keeping industrious minorities in the dark.

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