Potential Arizona Boycott Introduced Today. But That's Not All…


As we reported yesterday, Supervisor David Campos will today introduce emergency legislation calling for a citywide boycott of Arizona due to that state's recently enacted, draconian immigration policy.

Text of Campos' resolution is not yet on the Web — and certainly hasn't found its way into the supes' online meeting agenda. Our calls to the supervisor haven't yet been returned (it's early), so it's still unsure whether this boycott will delve into deep and messy details like pension funds invested in Arizona-based companies or city employees utilizing Arizona-based air transportation — or just stick to the obvious, such as “no Phoenix conventions for you!”

If nothing else, San Francisco has made itself the center of attention again. Which makes the following items to also be featured at today's suddenly über-newsworthy Board of Supervisors meeting even more precious:

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