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Prankster at it Again with New Anti-Prop C Website


It’s only been a couple weeks since an anonymous prankster bought the domain name rightprioritywrongapproach.com out from under the S.F. Chamber of Commerce, who was plotting an anti-Our City, Our Home ballot measure campaign under the same name. Now, it appears they’re at it again, having purchased and redirected their site to noplansf.com, in honor of the new campaign title, No Plan, No Accountability.

As a reminder, the Our City, Our Home ballot measure — newly-christened as Prop. C — proposes a half-percent tax on San Francisco-based corporations that make more than $50 million annually. All funds generated would go to providing housing subsidies for people experiencing homelessness, outreach services, and the construction of affordable apartments.

Supporting it in the midst of our housing and homelessness crisis seems like a no-brainer, but earlier this month a Chronicle article attempted to assert concerns from the S.F. Chamber of Commerce that if Prop. C passed, companies would flee S.F. for cities with lower taxes, dragging middle-class workers with them.

But before the Chamber got their marketing campaign fully in order, someone bought their first domain name out from underneath them, purchasing the aforementioned rightprioritywrongapproach.com.

“I feel like parody websites are a fun new genre of political campaigning,” the prankster told SF Weekly at the time. “I read the article yesterday morning and when I saw that they didn’t secure their domains, I felt an obligation to do it. So I bought it in the morning, scratched out some notes at lunch and then threw the website together after work and launched it around midnight. Thank god for Wix’s website designer for dummies!”

The Chamber of Commerce has ditched Right Priority, Wrong Approach, which was probably a smart move since the media went nuts over the fake website. As evidenced by documents filed yesterday with the S.F. Ethics Commission, their new campaign name is No Plan, No Accountability, No on Prop C.

“Three people tipped me off about their new committee,” the prankster tells SF Weekly.

Today, the Chamber of Commerce’s “S.F. Forward” committee donated $5,000 toward it.

To be fair, the Chamber of Commerce’s political consultants BMWL & Partners learned their lesson and bought the domain names noplannoaccountability.com and noplannoaccountability.org. But as of Tuesday night, it was our notorious amateur web designer who managed to get a site up first, under the much-more-memorable noplansf.com.

May we re-suggest the campaign name Too Old, Too Slow? Or perhaps, Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me.

Nuala Sawyer Bishari

Nuala Sawyer Bishari is the News Editor at SF Weekly. You can reach her at (415)-359-2644 or nsawyer@sfweekly.com. Follow her on Twitter at @TheBestNuala.

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