Rain Delays Quarter of Flights at SFO

Roughly 25 percent of flights have been delayed while 33 have been canceled.

San Francisco International Airport (Mike Koozmin/S.F. Examiner file photo)

San Francisco International Airport is not having a smooth run this Thursday — 33 flights have been entirely canceled and about 25 percent of flights have been delayed thanks to the rain.

The rain combined with low clouds have largely hit short-haul flights up and down the West Coast with cancellations, Bay City News reports. The quarter of delayed flights have been pushed back an average of 45 minutes to an hour.

Delays at SFO also mean delays at other airports expected for most of Thursday thanks to a ground delay program that affects departure time. 

“Based on the forecast, it looks like the rain’s probably going to let up by mid-afternoon,” SFO spokesperson Doug Yakel says. “I think our bed is made for today, but with each new day it’s essentially a fresh start for airlines.”

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