Report: Blacks Arrested Four Times As Often As Whites For Marijuana

One of these things looks like your neighbor

ACLU Report Reveals SF As California's Most Racist County For Pot Busts
There's a black man in the Oval Office and there's marijuana smoke on every other corner in San Francisco. But don't worry: racism is alive and well, as is the drug war — and San Francisco is the state's most-racist incarcerator for weed, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

In San Francisco, African Americans are over four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana crimes than Caucasians, according to a new report from the ACLU released Monday.

That's double the nationwide average — 2.2 African- Americans are arrested for pot crimes for every white person that's arrested — and is the highest racial disparity of any county in California.

Second place? Marin.

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