Roland Pouncy Charged with Murder of Richard Sprague

Roland Pouncy

The man who was found with 47-year-old Richard Sprague's debit card a few days after he was murdered is now being accused of killing Sprague.

Officer Albie Esparza told SF Weekly today that more evidence developed in the case and led to the arrest of 42-year-old Roland Pouncy, who appeared in court this morning where charges of possession of stolen property were dropped, Esparza said. Pouncy was initially arrested on Feb 23., when he was found with Sprague's bank card. At the time, police only charged him with possession of stolen property, saying there was no reason yet to believe he was also responsible for the murder.

SF Weekly readers will recall the sad and tragic killing of Sprague, who was strangled to death as he walked through the Mission to buy a pack of cigarettes. His screams and pleas for help could be heard along Julian Avenue, where he was brutally attacked.

However, neighbors ignored him and nobody called the police.

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