Ross Mirkarimi: A Godfather Finish

Cue The Godfather theme.

Fade in on former Mayor Art Agnos' place in Diamond Heights. His court-mandated tenant, Ross Mirkarimi, is sitting on the couch he now calls home. Agnos comes down the stairs into the rumpus room.

Ross: Art, what do I do now?

The light is beginning to turn reddish as the sun falls.

Art: Ross, you were always interested in politics, in history. I remember you founding the Green Party in this state. We were young then. Well, you were.

Ross: Yeah, I still read a lot. I never realized restocking the jail library would be so directly beneficial to me.

Art: You remember the revised City Charter of 1932. You remember how it reorganized this city and based it on the old Roman Legions, with the “capos” — supervisors like yourself — and “soldiers” — nonprofit workers, the SEIU — and it worked.

Ross: Yeah, it worked. Those were great old days. We was like the Roman Empire. San Francisco was like the Roman Empire.

Art: Yeah, it was once.

They lapse into a bout of nostalgia, reminiscing about a city where it took more than one goddamn digital recording to upend a man's career.

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