S.F. Business Group Spurns Pelosi's Health Care Plea

Nancy? Can we talk?

Despite 30 minutes of face time, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi failed to convince a delegation of San Francisco Chamber of Commerce business leaders to endorse the most important piece of legislation a San Francisco politician has shepherded in the history of the world.

“She thinks insurance companies are out of control, and until we get reform passed, we'll never get insurance rates under control,” said Chamber CEO Steve Falk, in reference to Pelosi's decision to take time out earlier this week from cajoling people who'll actually vote on her bill to invite a city business delegation into her conference room.

In return, the House speaker apparently got bupkis.

“She would certainly like all business organizations to take a position on this. But she understands that the lack of detail has folks concerned,” Falk said. “We haven't taken a position on health care reform because so far there is a significant lack of detail: What's the impact on small business?”

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