S.F. Residents Surrender Wild Boar to Animal Shelter

The wild boar was found as a baby near Mount Shasta.

(Photo courtesy of Animal Care and Control)

Animal Care and Control marked a first this week — San Francisco residents walked a wild boar in on a harness and leash after attempting to keep it as a pet.

The residents found Spirit, the wild boar, as a baby three months ago near Mount Shasta and brought his home as a pet, Bay City News reports. As Spirit grew, they developed doubts about how viable it is to keep a wild boar in their home, located in a city of more than one million residents.

Instead of being boared out his mind in a city home, the agency is working on finding Spirit a home in a sanctuary or licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Clearly, trying to have a wild boar as a pet didn’t work out. But it’s also illegal in California — those who move or own wildlife could be fined between $500 and $10,000. 

As the National Parks system likes to remind its visitors, keep wilderness wild.

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