San Francisco Attempts to Recruit Even More Gays to the Castro

What more do you need?

Obviously, San Francisco is still reeling from the disturbing fact that not only are we not the gayest city in the nation, but apparently Salt Lake City, Utah does a better job catering to its homosexuals.

That alone is enough reason for San Francisco to up the ante when it comes to making this city a Disneyland for gays. Perhaps that's why the local business bureau crafted a new campaign slogan which it hopes will bring a whole new crop of gays out … of Utah.

According to the Bay Area Reporter, the new ad slogan essentially claims San Francisco is synonymous with the Castro. “San Francisco's gay district is called 'San Francisco,'” claim the ads, which are already plastered around Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, and Portland. The new $500,000, 12-month campaign will also be targeted at Phoenix residents, because that place is like a really boring sauna.

Here's how Lynn Bruni, director of consumer marketing with the city's Convention and Visitors Bureau, explained the new ads to BAR: “With these campaigns we want to remind people to come to San Francisco outside of big event weekends,” she said. “Something new and amazing can happen on any day or weekend.”

We'll leave that last statement to the imagination of our readers.

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