San Francisco Not Swayed by Japan's Sex Slave Apologist Toru Hashimoto

Stay away

Right-wing politicians don't do well in San Francisco. And particularly not when they defend the use of sex slaves (outside of the friendly confines of The Armory, at least).

Once a rising star in Japanese politics, Osaka mayor Toru Hashimoto is now an international pariah for saying in May that “comfort women” — the euphemism given to women forced to sexually service Japanese soldiers in army brothels during World War II — were a “necessity.” This resonated in San Francisco, where in June Supervisor Jane Kim authored a resolution condemning Hashimoto's statements. That led to the Japanese leader to cancel a visit to San Francisco that month.

Now Hashimoto is on an apology tour… sort of. In a letter dated Aug. 13, he asked San Francisco to take back the condemnation. Kim's response? No way.

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