UPDATE: SantaCon Hooligans Trash Shalimar Restaurant

Two deplorable Santas smashed windows and assaulted workers at the Nob Hill restaurant, but bystander's video caught them red-handed.

Tom Hilton/Flickr

Update: (6:45 p.m.) The San Francisco Police Department announced that the two women in the videos below have turned themselves in. “On Tuesday, December 11th after having seen the footage on the local news, both women surrendered themselves at Northern Police Station,” the department announced in a press release. “Twenty-one year-old San Francisco resident Natalie Alcantar was booked at San Francisco County Jail for felony vandalism. Twenty-one year-old Pacifica resident Hannah Baughman was also booked at San Francisco County Jail for felony vandalism and battery. Booking photos are not available at the time of this release.”

Seven Santas were arrested for public intoxication during Saturday’s annual Santacon revelry, but two bad Santas who belligerently vandalized a restaurant are still at large. The Lower Nob Hill restaurant Shalimar suffered extensive damage at the hands of two intoxicated women at the tail end of this weekend’s pub crawl, and the community is asking anyone with information on these two suspects to contact the SFPD.

As seen in pictures and video from a bystander, two female suspects with Santa hats broke windows, got physical with staff, and knocked over equipment during the incident. Firsthand accounts say they joined a large group that was already seated at around 7 p.m., and became violent when they were not served food which they had not yet even ordered.

“She asked me, ‘Give me my food! I paid the food already!,’” Shalimar employee Alejo Cano Chang tells KPIX. “I told her, ‘You did not pay for the food.’ I said, ‘Show me your receipt and I’ll give you the food.’”

The situation escalated as the women knocked over the cash register and stereo equipment, and threw a sugar jat at Chang. KTVU reports that a cashier was hit and given a black eye. One of the women smashed Shalimar’s glass door on her way out, leaving even more substantial damage to the restaurant. Shalimar was forced to close Saturday night, and is asking for help in identifying the suspects.

SFPD spokesperson Robert Rueca tells KGO, “We haven’t received any tips. We are waiting for anyone who can identify these two suspects. They are both described as females. One is described as a white female, 20 to 25 years old. And the other suspect who damaged the front door of the business is described as a Hispanic female, 20 to 25 years old as well.”

Any with information on the Santacon suspects is asked to contact the SFPD at 415-553-8090, or via the anonymous tipline.

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