Seen in S.F.: Guerrilla Mistletoe

It seems like in San Francisco, someone is always wanting you to makeout with strangers. It's like college, but with better food.

A mischief maker made their way to at least two street corners in the Mission this weekend and strung up mistletoe from the street signs. This one was spotted at 18th and Dolores at the heavily trafficked corner by the public tennis courts and directly across the street from Dolores Park Cafe. One can only hope that several dog owners and a gaggle of hipsters were moved to swap spit throughout the weekend, although we didn't witness any spontaneous makeouts.

The second outpost was right by popular pizza joint Beretta, on the corner of 23rd Street and Valencia. If you hurry, you can probably still try to instigate a really awkward face sucking session.


Update: Oh, dang, Mission Mission ferreted out a lot more mistletoes! The potential for stranger-makeout just got so much higher!

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