Senior Pedestrian Killed Near Crocker-Amazon

The collision occurred as a 66-year-old man crossed the busy, five-lane street early Saturday morning.

The intersection of San Jose Avenue and Rice Street. (Image: Google)

Antonio Octaviano, 66, was crossing San Jose Avenue near Rice Street early Saturday morning when he was fatally hit by a driver heading northbound on the busy, five-lane road. Octaviano was transported to the hospital, but died from his injuries.

The 76-year-old driver of the vehicle has not been publicly identified, and was not arrested at the scene. 

Octaviano’s death speaks to a larger crisis happening on San Francisco’s streets: that of seniors disproportionately being killed in traffic collisions. As SF Weekly has previously reported, seniors make up 15 percent of the city’s population, but in 2016, they accounted for 44 percent of traffic deaths. They are also four times more likely than people under 65 to be killed by a traffic collision.

By SF Weekly’s count, this is the second Vision Zero fatality on city streets in 2018. Eber Oyuela, 34, was killed in a vehicle collision near McLaren Park on Jan. 23. 


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