Seurat Francisco: S.F. Artist Gets the Pointillism With Vast New Mural

The original…

A mural in the mission district is about as ubiquitous as a floor trader smoking and talking too loud in the financial district — but Daniel Doherty's near-completed work at 19th and Guerrero stands out for two reasons. First off, it's the size of a billboard and the artist's paintbrush resembles a toothbrush. The second reason explains the first: It's a jaw-dropping homage to Georges Seurat's 1884 masterpiece Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, the best-known example of pointillism (thousands and thousands of tiny dots making up a larger image — not unlike TV, if you think about it).

Doherty's mural is titled Sunday Afternoon In Dolores Park — and the folks populating it “walk past me each day.”

While, to the untrained eye, Doherty's exhausting work appears to be largely done, he demurs. “Oh, I've got a lot to do still,” says the artist. “I'm going to be neurotic with a lot of things and re-do all of these buildings.” Fair enough. One thing you've got to be if you're going to dot tens if not hundreds of thousands of points on a wall is patient. Click on the jump for more photos — and a juxtaposition with Seurat's masterpiece.


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