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Special Ingredient
An herb that should be kept out of most kitchens: Wait a minute! Do not generalize “In a city famous for tolerating pot consumption” [“Unkind Bud,” Peter Jamison, Sucka Free City, 9/7]. Speaking as a long time San Francisco resident, parent, and grandparent, let me assure [the writer] that at no time would I condone this kind of behavior, under any condition. As far as I am concerned, marijuana should be strictly monitored, taxed, and used for medical purposes only.


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Placing Bets: Round Two
Two measures are chock full of filler: Great story (and illustrations)! The relative size of the two measures tells a lot — one is stuffed in typical city Family style — to put off the reader from unpleasant details like the police and fire deals [“The Billion-Dollar Bet,” Joe Eskenazi, feature, 8/31]. A lot of City workers would be happy to keep their jobs and pensions and contribute. The managers and unions, who feed off the city workers, just want to hang on at the expense of everyone else. S.F. needs someone who gives a hard look at the numbers and has integrity. Go, Jeff Adachi!


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Blog Comments of the Week
In response to a post about the lost iPhone 5 prototype and the search of a Bernal Heights' home: WTF. They [San Francisco] have four police officers available for “assisting” a private company to do an illegal search for $500 phone [“Lost iPhone 5 Update: Police 'Assisted' Apple Investigators in Search of SF Man's House,” Peter Jamison, the Snitch, 9/2]. Try to file a police report for a $500 robbery and see if four officers show up to help. Last time it happened to me, one guy took the report and said basically don't count on us doing anything. Somebody at SFPD needs to be fired for this crap. If police are only working for the rich and powerful then we are all screwed.


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Cops and Apple are all the same when granted permission: Owner gave permission for the search, and Apple investigators did not wear police uniforms. The first report out stated SFPD accompanied Apple Security and the owner gave permission to have his home searched. Are we gearing up for a frivolous lawsuit? Move on — new story. SFPD could have accompanied the Apple detective — as owner gave permission. But they did not. Who cares? Where is the story? Cop or Apple — permission was granted. No harm was done. Conspiracy theory in the making — let's add black helicopters with Apple logos and guys rappelling down, now that would be more interesting.


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If the phone's lost, make it go 'pop': Since Apple seems to have a habit of “losing” iPhone prototypes [iPhone 4 prototype lost last year], maybe they should put a self-destruct mechanism in them. It wouldn't have to explode, just go 'fzzzztt' like the tape recorder in the old Mission Impossible series. Of course then they wouldn't get all this free publicity.


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Apple may need to lean on Google: “They just assisted Apple to the address.” Guess they couldn't figure out how to get turn by turn directions on their iPhones? Need some help from Google Maps?


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