SFPD Says Mission District Rape Was Never Reported

Yesterday, police were flooded with calls from media outlets after news hit a local blog detailing a vicious rape in the city's Mission District. After doing a bit of digging, police confirmed that they have no reports of this rape on file.

Mission Mission reported earlier this week an e-mail the blog had received about a rape that supposedly occurred at 19th and Capp streets early Monday morning. After that, this Facebook message below posted by user Tuula Ala, who claims to be a friend of the victim, was being circulated around blogs:

Okay people. I need your help, and this shit is important. One of

my friends was VIOLENTLY ASSAULTED and RAPED by two men she did not

know Sunday night at 19th and Capp. You wanna get graphic? I'm talking

stitches in the cervix. With her permission, I've written to the two

local Mission blogs, asking them to publish this incident. Nothing.

Police help? NOTHING. Then today my friend saw two dudes walking down the street

matching the descriptions of the attackers. One had scratches on his

face that correspond with the attack. Two Hispanic men, between 20-25.

One stocky, one lean, one with obvious scratches on his face. So help me

out. Share this info. At the very least, maybe we can tell women in the

area to be on the alert. Any other suggestions?? I feel helpless and


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