Filmmaker’s Time-Lapse Video Shows Stunning SF Fog

(Matthew Maniego/YouTube)

Loaded question: What’s the most iconic thing about San Francisco? Those are certainly fighting words in some circles, but mention a certain weather phenomenon and you’ll probably get few arguments against.

The city’s fog is, to put it mildly, legendary. It has its own Twitter handle and Wikipedia page. It delays summer until September. And it has inspired writers, artists, and entrepreneurs for generations. What’s left to say? Probably nothing. So let’s forget about the words and focus on the images.

That’s what a guy named Matt Maniego did. This week, he released Paradise II, his second love-letter type movie of San Francisco. It took him three-and-a-half years to shoot — in time lapse — and six months to edit. The result of that dedication is a two-and-a-half-minute movie that is simply serene to behold.

Of course we’ve all seen countless images of San Francisco fog, but this video takes it up a notch.

As you can see, fog is the star. And what’s so fascinating is that because it was time-lapse filmed, it just proves how frickin’ foggy it is here all the time. There are plenty of moments with no fog, such as the north-facing segment of the Golden Gate Bridge from morning till night, but the film’s beauty is best captured by the rolling layers of fog from various camera angles. Some shots are downright mesmerizing.

Maniego is a professional filmmaker who lives in San Francisco and has worked for ESPN, EA, and Facebook, according to his profile. Not surprisingly, he specializes in time-lapse.

Digital Trends reported that Maniego used only two camera bodies and three lenses for the project. He also told DIY Photography that some of his footage was used in Super Bowl broadcasts from the Bay Area earlier this year.

If you want to compare the two films, here’s the first Paradise:

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