Pedestrian Fatality in SoMa is 7th Of 2017

A woman in her 40s was struck Friday morning near Division and Brannan streets.

The intersection of Dore and Brannan streets, where the collision took place. (Photo: Google)

Update, 9/19: The victim has been identified by the medical examiner’s office as 41-year-old Winifred Leshane. Police initially believed the incident to be a hit-and-run, but have located the driver and vehicle. The investigation into whether or not the driver fled the scene after the incident is ongoing.


A woman in her 40s was killed early Friday at a busy intersection underneath Highway 101 in SoMa. The incident, which according to San Francisco Police Department occurred around 8:15 a.m., took place near the intersection of Brannan and Dore streets, just a few paces from Division. The area is often jam-packed with traffic on weekday mornings as commuters line up to get on the freeway. It’s also home for many individuals who live in tents on the street, sheltered a little bit from the elements by the overpass. 

“This morning’s death marks the seventh person walking in San Francisco to be killed in a car crash this year…simply terrible…!” tweeted advocacy group Walk SF on Monday. 

Based on our own research, the list of people killed walking in San Francisco this year include  Jeanie Yee, killed Jan. 11 at Union and Buchanan; a 93-year-old man who was killed by the cable car on March 19 at Filbert and Mason; Qiu Liang, hit at Mission and Ney streets March 1;  Meda Hacopian who was struck on Lake Merced and Font Boulevards April 29; and Thor Thomas, killed at Octavia Boulevard and Market Street in the early hours of May 1.

Last year, 28 people were killed on S.F.’s streets. 

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