Social Media Reacts to Noon Siren Going Off Late

The Tuesday Noon siren was a few minutes off, and Twitter’s chorus of armchair comedians piled on with various theories as to why.

Image: SF Examiner

It was not your imagination — the noon siren that goes off every Tuesday as part of San Francisco’s emergency-warning system did indeed go off five to six minutes late this week. While the S.F. Department of Emergency Management offered a perfectly reasonable excuse for this, jokers on Twitter went off with various hilarious theories on why our favorite Tuesday afternoon mainstay was a few minutes behind schedule.

Since Muni delays made elected officials late for a Transit Week celebration at City Hall Monday, our beloved and beleaguered public transportation system was dragged into the joke. The siren was not late because of Muni, despite that being an all-purpose San Francisco excuse.

A deluge of Dreamforce attendees clogging up SoMa and downtown was offered as a usual suspect. Dreamforce did not cause the siren to blare late, though the conference was put on blast by a group of demonstrators protesting Salesforce’s contracts U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

While the siren was five to six minutes behind schedule, the emergency-warning delay was not caused by an actual emergency, and this was not the system’s first miscue.

The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management’s Twitter account confirmed siren’s tardiness today, saying “the siren test was delayed today due to technical difficulties.” By all accounts, the horns and their “This is a test” messages will return as scheduled next Tuesday.

The @SFSiren parody account on Twitter was not delayed by the technical difficulties.

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