SOMA Murder Victim Blair Henderson Shot Months Ago in Same Neighborhood

Blair Henderson

When Blair Henderson left home on Sunday to hit a nightclub in SOMA with several of his oldest buddies, his mother and sister weren't all that nervous. Even though Henderson, 25, had been shot just a few months ago while attending a SOMA nightclub.

In that instance, explained Henderson's sister, Ashley Mikell, Henderson was the unintended victim of a ricocheting bullet, which caromed off a gate and struck Henderson in the hip. The wound incapacitated Henderson, forcing him to quit his job at Champs Sports and recuperate with his family in Diamond Heights.

“Of course, every time he left the house it was a little bit nerve-wracking, just because of what happened,” admitted Mikell, 17. “But he was a grown man. He was going out with friends he'd had since he was a kid. It was like a reunion; everyone was back in town. Might as well go out and have a good time.”

She would never see her brother alive again. Henderson was shot dead in the wee hours Sunday morning in a brazen attack in which masked gunmen sprayed bullets throughout the neighborhood, sending club-goers and paramedics ducking for cover.

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