A $10 Million McDonald’s

The city plans to buy the beleaguered fast-food spot on Haight and turn the lot into affordable housing.

(Photo: Google)

Out of all the fast food joints in the city, the McDonald’s on Haight and Stanyan might win “worst place to work.” In the past few years, people have been stabbed, shot, and beaten with skateboards, while dealers have openly sold drugs at the restaurant and in its 45-car parking lot, spurring a $40,000 lawsuit from the City Attorney’s office in 2015 to help “clean up” the location.

Now, owner Peter Ou — who purchased the restaurant and lot earlier this year — has agreed to sell the property to the city. Housing officials have not released the terms of the deal, but sources told the Chronicle that the 38,000-square-foot parcel will cost the Mayor’s Office of Housing $10 million.

Once the purchase is finalized, the McDonald’s will be torn down, and up to 90 units of affordable housing could be built in its place. District 5 Supervisor London Breed hopes that the apartments will be a mix of homes for very low-income individuals, and as middle-income renters who don’t normally qualify for below-market-rate housing.

The development is still several years away from becoming a reality, and it’s unclear if the loss of the McDonald’s will solve the violence and drug dealing that plague the area around Alvord Lake. But it’s hard to disagree with the idea that the large site, which has the potential to house hundreds, will serve the area better as housing for those who need it, rather than a source for 510-calorie french fries, and the home of a creepy clown who likes playing with children.

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