Pints For Pants

A North Beach bar collects trousers for the homeless.

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A college project has brought together a North Beach bar and a nonprofit, in an effort to provide pants for people living on the streets. From now through June 8, those with extra pants lying around can get a free pint at Rogue Brewery, if they drop off a pair of trousers in the business’s North Beach Citizens donation bin.

Jennifer O’Neill, a student of social work at San Jose State University, is the brains behind this operation. While interning at North Beach Citizens, a resource center for people living on the street, she was assigned the task of creating a program that filled a gap in services. She found the answer while sorting donated clothes.

“We were lacking pants for our bigger and taller male clientele, who make up the majority of the population we serve,” O’Neill tells SF Weekly. “NBC relies on donations from the community and neighboring organizations, but there was just never enough of this basic necessity.

“I remember when I proposed this project to my teacher, she kinda laughed, because it sounded so pedestrian,” O’Neill admits. “But the need is so great! There just isn’t enough basic necessities available to those experiencing poverty, and it can be very easy for those of us who are more fortunate to forget this simple fact.”

The connection between Rogue and NBC has already resulted in a second partnership — $1 of every pint of a special North Beach Citizens Pilsner will go toward the organization, while supplies last.

“Every time someone buys a pint, we will ring the bell to literally raise awareness for North Beach Citizens,” says Rogue Ales President Brett Joyce. “We want to raise money for the group but also promote the incredible work of North Beach Citizens and encourage more of the community to get involved.”

North Beach Citizens serves between 25 and 50 individuals each day who drop by the center at 1034 Kearny St. Resources offered include daily community meals, free clothes, housing assistance, employment help, and a community street beautification work program.

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pints for pants

A North Beach bar collects trousers for the homeless.

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