Top 5 Spots In SF Where You Can’t See The Salesforce Tower

That thing is now as tall as it's going to get.

The Salesforce Tower in progress. (Courtesy Torbakhopper/Flickr)

It’s done, it’s done! I mean, not really. But it’s as tall as it’s going to get. The brand spankin’ new Salesforce Tower is now San Francisco’s tallest building — and the highest reaching occupiable one west of Chicago. It’s a whopping 1,070 feet tall, which is equivalent to three football fields placed end to end. Even Marc Benioff can’t quite believe how big it is.

As the last beam rises to the top of the 61-story corporate tower, SF Weekly thought it would do you the courtesy of finding the best places in San Francisco where you can’t see the Salesforce Tower, seeing as they’re now pretty slim (that thing is huge). Here’s what we found:

1. Union Square
I know, right?? The Salesforce Tower may be gargantuan, but our city’s commercial district blocks any views of it while you’re eating an overpriced salad in Union Square. We blame Macy’s.

2. Ocean Beach
Thanks, hills and sand dunes.

3. Civic Center BART Station Platform
Because it’s underground.

4. The Capybara Exhibit at SF Zoo
Who needs architecture when you have overgrown guinea pigs?

5. Stern Grove Meadow
There are lots of cool big trees there though, so that’s nice.

But if you’re really a big fan of our new skyline, you can do the predictable thing, and post photos of the monstrosity using the not-so-creative hashtag #ISpySalesforceTower. You do you.



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